Battlefield 2042 Update 0.2.1 fixes critical issues from early access period

Smaller bugs will still be present on launch day.

Promo art of Battlefield 2042

Image via Electronic Arts

After a period of server maintenance, DICE has released Battlefield 2042 Update 0.2.1. The update seems to be the last before the game’s official release date of November 19 and only lists fixes to critical game-breaking issues that players have found in the early access period since last week.

In a post accompanying the update, Battlefield’s Community Manager explained that two further updates are due to launch in the next 30 days to address more issues that have arisen in the game. This update sounds like it’s designed to patch the game up enough that the flood of new players at launch won’t cause the servers to fall over, while the quality of life updates will come in the next month or so.

The first big update that’s been made is that the game’s servers have been upgraded to reduce instances of rubber banding. These updates will also help with the stuttering many players have been experiencing in All-Out Warfare mode, improving the game’s performance overall.

The other fixes in this update have much less of an impact, such as a skin name being updated, player names displaying correctly, and random spawn locations being turned on. You can read up on the few other glitches that have been fixed in the official patch notes. It will be interesting to see if DICE issues a day one patch tomorrow as well, though there’s nothing to suggest that it will.