Battlefield 2042’s first season doesn’t start until March 2022, according to dataminer

Keeping fans waiting.

Screenshot via Battlefield YouTube

After a rough launch mired by controversy surrounding its performance, direction, and lack of content, Battlefield 2042 made a poor first impression for many. Billed as a live service title, DICE hasn’t openly discussed concrete post-launch support. It’s easy for fans to worry about the title’s future, but a recent data mine suggests that the traditional season pass model is being implemented early next year.

Twitter user and data miner Temporyal posted an image with info uncovered from a data mine. According to the tweet, Season 1 introduces a new map called Ridge, which has allegedly been renamed to Exposure. The map takes place in the Canadian Rockies with a landslide exposing a weapons facility. Crucially, the tweet claims that Season 1 appears to be planned for March 2022. The data miner does mention that this date may not be set in stone, potentially being used as a buffer in case they need the extra time. It’s possible it could begin sooner.

Assuming the March 2022 date sticks, it would mark four months since Battlefield 2042’s launch. By modern live service standards, that is a slow rollout. Games of this type typically begin their first season upon official release. As always, approach situations like these with some level of skepticism. In this case, reputable Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson follows the account and even quote tweeted Temporyal’s tweet, expressing disappointment at the March 2022 date. Even so, keep expectations tempered.