Battlefield 6 could include natural disasters like tornados, floods, and volcanos

Shades of Battlefield 4.

Image via DICE

Rumors continue to hit the internet about the next Battlefield title from noted series leaker Tom Henderson. Henderson once again took to Twitter to drop some tantalizing information about DICE’s next entry in the long-running franchise.

The game is rumored to contain natural disasters and weather conditions that can wreak havoc on fighting forces. Henderson’s tweet stated, “In #BATTLEFIELD, explosions are not the only thing that can damage and topple buildings. Mother nature can do a whole lot more.”

He included images of tornadoes, floods, and volcanoes in the tweet, which was sent on April 1. Henderson then retweeted the message on April 2, stating that he was doing so to confirm that it was not an April Fools joke.

The interesting thing is that this is hardly a far-fetched idea for Battlefield. Battlefield 4 included extreme weapon on some maps, and the series has included several map-changing events on other, such as falling radio towers, crashing aircraft, and more. The idea of a map flooding was explored in Battlefield 4, where players could purposefully break a dam to flood a map and change how it played.

As such, these leaks are not the type of thing that can be instantly dismissed, especially with Henderson’s history of accuracy about Battlefield games. It seems almost certain that the frequency of leaks will increase as the year continues and the game, which is due for release later this year, gets closer to completion.

This new batch of rumors comes hot on the heals of Henderson releasing information about the game’s section, factions, and campaign.