Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon Director Hideki Kamiya talks the game’s direction in new blog post

Kamiya gives some insight to Cereza’s next adventure.

Image via Nintendo

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Hot off the release of Bayonetta 3, PlatinumGames has wasted no time in hyping the next release for the franchise Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. The game’s supervising director Hideki Kamiya detailed the game’s direction and a new take on the series in a new blog post.

In the post, Kamiya quickly explains that this is not your usual Bayonetta game. This new entry to the series will offer a brand-new gameplay experience unlike any of the previous games, which in turn may feel more welcoming to players intimated by the fast and frenetic action the series is known for. He makes mention of the games development team, stating that a majority of the team is young and ambitious with a few seasoned veterans providing support along the way. This likely explains the game’s noticeable departure from the usual trappings of the series.

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Kamiya also gives us some hints on what to expect in terms of gameplay, explaining how players will control both a young Cereza (a young Bayonetta) and a demon named Cheshire in a truly “one-of-a-kind experience.” Players must use “Cereza’s magic abilities and Cheshire’s ferocious power in order to progress through the game.”

While we have only seen a glimpse of what the game will offer in the announcement trailer, it’s clear Kamiya’s words about providing a new experience are not just for show. The game sports a more fairy tale art style reminiscent of a children’s picture book. Plus, the action gameplay of the series is instead replaced with a seemingly more explorative and adventure style, with puzzles and combat throughout the experience akin to a Legend of Zelda title. You can check out the trailer and see it for yourself. The game is currently slated to release on March 17, 2023, exclusively for Nintendo Switch, with preorders available now.