Bethesda Bug Spawns Starfield’s Best Companion, My New Best Friend

Starfield players are finding friends in the vastness of space, and these loyal companions stick with them until the bitter end.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bethesda games are known for their quirky bugs, with many causing major distraction despite not quite breaking the game. They mostly add a dash of madness to an already insane level of detail in these large open-world games. Although Starfield was easily Bethesda’s smoothest launch in history, a few bugs did make it through the cracks, and some players are finding the latest one: a rock companion.

Starfield players have discovered that small asteroids float around their ship while flying through space. These rocks are not preventing them from flying anywhere, they’re not taking damage, or causing any fatal problems. They’re just going along for the ride, and players can’t find any way to get rid of them, which isn’t horrible.

Rocks Orbit Starfield Player Ships In Space

Screenshot by Gamepur

Starfield players have taken to Reddit to share that they’re being followed by several rocks that stick to a clear orbit around their ship while they fly in space. These rocks appear to be small asteroids that do not leave the ship and can be clearly seen floating around them, sticking with Starfield players in combat, through Grav Jumps, and even if they close the game down and boot it back up. These rocks are in it for the long haul.

I had this happen to myself, as well. For my nearly 100-hour playthrough of Starfield, I had not one, but two of these companions flying around with me, and it was an absolute delight. They followed me through all my adventures, and I highlighted several pictures featuring the pair.

I may not have personally enjoyed the other companions that followed me on the ground, but the rocks attached to my ship were steadfast friends.

In the Reddit thread, the player taking pictures had a larger bug than my experience did. The rock followed them onto the planet and moved around with their character while they explored, whereas mine remained in space and were far more interested in hanging out with my ship than they were with my character. I’d like to act offended by the action, but I’m just glad I had them with me, exploring the vast space of Starfield together.

Some players speaking up in the Reddit thread were lucky enough to get close to six rocks orbiting their six. Happily, I’ll stick with the two that hung out with me during my two. I will warn everyone, though, that when you reach the end of Starfield and begin the New Game Plus, these rocks do disappear. Although there’s no clear way for his bug to trigger, I’d hate for you to lose your new companions when you begin your next playthrough.