Starfield: Should You Repeat the Main Quest or Skip The Main Quest in New Game Plus?

You have the choice to kick off the main story again in Starfield with New Game Plus, or you can skip this part.

For those who complete Starfield and become Starborn, the chance to repeat the game unfolds, but the events are slightly different. The beginning of the game is not how it was, with your character being lost on their way to the Artifacts.

When speaking with Sarah, you have the choice to start the main story over again, completing the same tasks from your first playthrough, or you can directly hunt down the artifacts. By skipping the main quest, your character tells everyone at Constellation about the artifacts and goes straight into the darker edges of the story. Should you repeat the main quest or skip the main quest in Starfield’s New Game Plus?

What Happens When You Repeat the Main Quest in Starfield’s New Game Plus?

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When you choose to repeat the main quest with your character in Starfield, you’ll begin right at the start of the game. You’ll get set up with a room at The Lodge, and you can begin down the very first steps you took when you initially started the game. You’ll have the opportunity to talk with everyone as if you’ve met them for the first time and hunt down the first artifacts as if you were doing it for the first time.

Because your character is now a Starborn, you personally have a lot more knowledge, but everyone else won’t know that. It might not prepare them for what they’re about to face, but you’ll be ready to deal with the other Starborn when they begin to arrive during your Starfield playthrough.

What Happens When You Skip The Main Quest in Starfield’s New Game Plus?

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The alternative choice is for you to tell your entire story to everyone at the Lodge, giving them a fresh perspective. These characters might not be ready to hear the truth, but they’re willing to hear you out. When you make this choice, Sarah will agree that you are who you say you are and that it’s time to work with Vladimir at the Eye to find the other Artifacts. Although you can volunteer to fight against the other Starborn, Sarah believes it’s a better idea for you to focus on the artifacts, unlocking your powers. You might even meet the Hunter and Emissary much faster.

Should You Repeat the Main Quest or Skip It in Starfield’s New Game Plus?

The choice is entirely up to you. Skipping the main quest and revealing you’re Starborn in this new universe would be a fun way to experience Starfield again. It gives everyone at the Lodge a new perspective, applies knowledge to information going forward into the game, and likely changes the main story. This could be more fun than repeating everything over again and following the same steps you already took with your original game.