Black Ops 4 Comes With Specialists, Wall Running, Grappling Hooks – Report

Youtuber Glitching Queen has provided more intel about what Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 looks like right now, as he has apparently taken part in a 4-hour playtest at Treyarch Studios’ headquarters and can detail what’s currently in the making.

Glitching Queen’s report seem to be in line with what popped up during the last few hours on Twitter via the user Matt Harris, who stated that the developer was working on making less evident the similarities with Overwatch – which the early playtesters didn’t enjoy a lot, considering them something totally different from what people expect from a Call of Duty game.

Black Ops IIII - Grappling Hook, Wall Running & More Confirmed

Interestingly, the Youtuber said they played two maps in this early dev build:

“They’re designing the game to be more social, where you will be at a disadvantage if you don’t gear up properly. The maps were modern. We only played 2, one was a demolished city like with a church and tanks inside and outside the church.

The other map was similar to Gauntlet from BO3 where there were 3 different sections. There is a beach, ruins and a bridge. The bridge had 2 vantage points on either side.”

The game will see a return of the Specialists as they were introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The Specialists have killstreaks linked to each of them, with medikits and instakills, and Advanced Movement is an option you can add onto your loadout in the pre-match menu.

As in Rainbow Six Siege, only two players will be allowed to select the same Specialist, so that everyone in the game is required to play a specific role. That should help in making the matches more tactical.

“Also, every character had a default tac slot and lethal filled with a medkit and the lethal with a sat com type equipment that only worked in the general vicinity. The sat com regens in your inventory.”

As for the game mode they played, it’s a new one “where each team gets the same amount of “lives”, each death takes away from the pool. Like a reverse Team Death Match, where the first team to reach 0 loses.”

Talking about the weapons, we’re told attachments work “on a tiered system” and that they feel “modern” and “similar to what we’ve seen, but the last numbers or letters would be different. For example, the ICR-1 was instead the ICR-M2. MP5, M4A1, KN-44.” They’re said to be familiar yet “a bit more futuristic,” but for example, there weren’t energy guns, so it shouldn’t be too far.

“It’s like one minute you feel like you’re playing BO2, then all of a sudden you see a guy boost jump or wall run and it’s oh crap BO3, then you see another grapple right past and you’re like AW. I guess this is why people are trying to compare it to Overwatch or Lawbreakers,” the Youtuber claims.

This is mainly because the developer is retaining Black Ops III’s Specialists, adding features like the grapple from Advanced Warfare and basing all of this on the movement system from Black Ops II, which was a little slower in comparison with its direct sequel (that could be what Activision labeled “boots on the ground” gameplay, although it’s clearly different from WWII).

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s reveal is slated for May 17, so it won’t be too long that we’ll be confirmed or denied all this early information.