Bloodstained Dev Didn’t Expect Nintendo Switch Version To Be That Bad


We’ve reported several times about Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night‘s issues on Nintendo Switch, remarking that the game was way worse in comparison with what you’d usually expect from a port released on the Switch.

Those issues have been addressed with multiple smaller patches, but the situation has never reached a point where players would claim themselves satisfied with the work done by the team of Koji Igarashi, known as the creator of Castlevania.

Igarashi addressed the problems during an interview with Game Informer, sharing that the Nintendo Switch version was below his expectations and that even he didn’t expect the game to be that bad on the platform.

“While there were concerns over hardware limitations, we didn’t expect it to be as bad when it was released,” the Japanese game designer said quite frankly (via Nintendo Everything).

“Unfortunately, a number of problems occurred that we didn’t foresee. With WayForward’s support, these issues are being addressed, and they are working hard to optimize the Switch version,” he added, indicating that the work on that specific version is far from over.

Of course, we’ll report on that once there are news of updates for Bloodstained on their way.