Bloody Hell Hotel debut trailer is giving the internet horror Stardew Valley vibes

It looks like a bloody good time.

Image via Unfold Games

Picture this: you’re a vampire who’s woken up after a centuries-long sleep, and you’ve found your estate in ruins. What do you do about it? Obviously, the answer is to turn your home into a hotel. That’s the premise of Bloody Hell Hotel, a new management game that’s caught the eye of the internet.

As the announcement trailer shows, there’s a frantic pace to Bloody Hell Hotel, where games like this would normally have a more leisurely vibe. Decorations and renovations slam into place, food is prepped with lightning-fast knife chops, and objects are caught and released by the player character in a snappy telekinetic way. Plus, there’s a cave system under the hotel where you’ll fight monsters and collect resources. Despite all that fast-paced action, many who’ve seen the trailer are comparing the game to Stardew Valley.

Perhaps that’s because of the character designs. As you can see in the image at the top of this article, hotel guests have a bobblehead look that gives some goofiness to an otherwise macabre game. Of course, you’ll still be drinking your guests’ blood to stay alive and keep things running — you are a vampire, after all.

In addition to making Stardew Valley comparisons, some commenters have also called for virtual reality compatibility. Looking at the combat screenshot above, it’s easy to see how that sort of control scheme would fit right in. The way objects snap into the player’s hands would also work well in VR.

Bloody Hell Hotel is coming to PC, so VR compatibility isn’t out of the question — developer Unfold Games has said nothing about it though, nor has it mentioned the game’s release date. It’ll launch “when it’s bloody awesome,” according to the game’s Steam page. You can wishlist Bloody Hell Hotel now if you want to pin it for later.

In the meantime, the actual Stardew Valley creator is also hard at work on his next game. Concerned Ape, aka Eric Barone, is making a follow-up called Haunted Chocolatier. There are some similar vibes between that game and this one.