Here’s What The Shadow of the Colossus Remake Dev Learned From The Last of Us

Bluepoint Games Learned A Lot From The Last of Us

In a lengthy and interesting interview with Eurogamer, the Shadow of the Colossus remake development team offered some neat and smart behind the scenes insights about how their work is conducted at the studio.

In particular, Bluepoint Games president and co-owner Marco Thrush has explained that the team constantly grabs inspiration and learns more stuff by looking at how the most prestigious developers work on their original games.

Bluepoint Games Learned A Lot From The Last of Us

Among which, we can find Naughty Dog and what they achieved with The Last of Us, especially when it comes to ambient shadow – something TLOU has always looked great at doing.

“Yes, so that’s a great trick we learned from the Last of Us guys, where they had ambient capsules that were approximating the shapes of the objects and they’re just doing a screen-space raycasting against that to essentially get to soft ambient shadows, and then we do a multipass version of that,” Thrush says.

“So we get just the direct normal occlusion and also a directional occlusion from the lighting model. So that’s where you kind of get like these directional shadows as well when we have strong light coming from a certain direction.”

According to speculations, Bluepoint Games might be working on a Demon’s Souls remake next, so we really look forward to what they could do on such a beloved IP in case this gets confirmed anytime soon.

Source: Eurogamer