Bravely Default II characters appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit board

Going after spirits automatically makes your bravely.

Image via Nintendo

Bravely Default II is right around the corner, and Nintendo is making sure everyone knows about the latest offering from the RPG veteran designers at Square Enix. The game releases on Friday, February 26, and on the same day, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will host a special spirit board event highlighting the characters from Bravely Default II.

If you’re new to Smash, or if you haven’t picked it up in quite some time, the spirit board gives players random enemies who are possessed by “spirits” of characters not playable in SSBU, but their likenesses can be added to your collection if you complete battles where they appear. You’ll find some spirits in the World of Light, but there will always be some who only appear for a limited time in specific events.

You will have five days to obtain two new spirits from Bravely Default II in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. After you check those off your list, you can dive into the newest RPG on the Switch, which is the third in the series, despite the naming convention. Bravely Default debuted on the North American 3DS in 2014, followed by Bravely Second: End Layer in 2016. The newest Bravely game contains an entirely new cast of characters and story, making this the perfect entry point if you never owned a 3DS.