How to get the Mythril Dagger early in Bravely Default II

Start strong.

Image via Nintendo

Bravely Default II begins with players waking up on a beach. After being found by some nice people you are brought somewhere comfortable to rest, and then it’s straight into the world exploration. 

While traveling around the world of Bravely Default II, you can find all manner of items and weapons, but you can get your hands on a powerful dagger upgrade at the very start of the game. 

When you first leave Halcyonia, you will get some tutorial messages right outside of the city. You should use your dagger to destroy the grass on the right side of the path. Keep doing it and after a while, a Mythril Dagger will drop for you.

This weapon is a considerable upgrade over the standard dagger that your character is armed with. The Mythril Dagger has much better stats than the standard dagger and will make your early game much easier. 

  • Weight + 5
  • Physical Attack + 29
  • Magical Attack + 27
  • Restorative Power +7
  • Speed -1 Aim +101
  • Critical Chance +11
  • Chance of being targeted +3

It can take some time to get used to the battle system in Bravely Default II if you are not familiar with it, so having an edge in a fight can be a great thing. The Mythril Dagger will act as a nice early game upgrade for Seth until you start getting better weapons as you play through the story.