Call of Duty: Warzone developer promises an “adjustment” to controversial Roze skin soon

The skin has left many players upset and dissatisfied since its launch.

Call of Duty: Warzone Roze

Image via Activision/Raven Software

Call of Duty: Warzone developer Raven Software has finally addressed the Roze skin controversy after many players complained and even claimed that it was a “pay-to-win” feature. Last year, the Rook skin was sold as a part of the Season Five premium battle pass, and it gave Roze a brand new look.

The issue, however, lies with how this look affected the meta. Her entire outfit is black, with her skin and especially the area around her eyes covered in black facepaint. It’s all non-reflective too, which means that players can simply hide in the many dark areas of the game and ambush unsuspecting opponents. And while this has always been an issue with the game, the Twitch Rivals tournament made the controversy even more prominent as participants used the skin. This, of course, led to accusations of cheating.

It’s become so prominent, in fact, that 100 Thieves co-owner Jack Dunlop shared a list of changes with the developer that he believed would improve Call of Duty Warzone, including the “removal/refund of the Roze skin.” Raven Software replied to his tweet:

After that response, the developer then released this status update:

While the nature of the future adjustment is still unknown, hopefully it will be a solution that satisfies the playerbase.