Call of Duty: Warzone mode removed due to controversial glitch

Armored Royale has been taken down from the battle royale for further investigation.

What is Mini Royale in Call of Duty: Warzone?

A small hotfix dropped into Call of Duty: Warzone on Monday afternoon, but it doesn’t resolve any of the battle royale’s bugs or glitches. Instead, players will notice that the Armored Royale mode has been entirely removed from the title. As developer Raven Software confirmed on social media, its disappearance is due to the growingly-infamous invisibility glitch.

Armored Royale, the game mode in which many smaller teams go at each other with weapon-attached vehicles, will be absent indefinitely until Raven has found a solution for the glitch. It first came to light in late December, as players found that entering helicopters would turn their entire squad invisible — making some matches impossible to finish.

Although the glitch has only returned days ago, Eurogamer recently spotlighted footage of one Warzone player, Yoda0103, who had run into nine invisible players in the span of 16 minutes. Within the first two minutes, the user witnesses enemies no longer show themselves once they contact their combat truck. 

Since the hotfix, Raven has not provided a timeline for how long its investigation of the glitch will last, nor is it clear if the mode will return anytime soon.