Call of Duty: Warzone, Modern Warfare earn long-awaited next-gen resolution patch

The battle royale can now be played in 4K on consoles for the first time ever.

Just one week fresh off of new seasonal content, Call of Duty: Warzone is seeing the arrival of a resolution pack that has been atop of fans’ wishlists for quite some time. Now available for those on PS5, Xbox Series X and PS4 Pro, this optional update is reportedly bringing 4K resolution to the battle royale, as well as 2019’s Modern Warfare.

Although it hasn’t been officially revealed, fans are starting to find a new “High Resolution Texture Pack 3” in Warzone’s Game Install menu. With this 8.5 gigabyte download, Warzone’s maximum resolution can now be increased from 1440p to glorious 4K. Like the texture packs before it, this patch will also have the same effects on its multiplayer counterpart, Modern Warfare.

One Twitter user who had discovered the new download file, mtl514hustla, noted that installing the patch made weapons and characters “look a lot sharper.” Surprisingly, they also alleged that having each of the three graphics packs installed has lent for the best graphical results — which does require a hefty 30 GBs of extra space to achieve.

This isn’t the first time developer Raven Software stealthy added features, as two new weapons have secretly been thrown into the battle royale just days ago. Now, users can witness these guns and the rest of Season Two’s content in true next-gen fashion.