Capcom kicks off Street Fighter 35th Anniversary with a new logo and the promise of “various initiatives”

Fans are hoping for a sixth Street Fighter.

Image via Capcom

The original Street Fighter first hit arcades in 1987, and Capcom looks set to mark the legendary series’ 35th anniversary in style with a year of celebrations and — here’s hoping — some new Street Fighter games. So far, all that’s been revealed is a new logo especially for the 35th Anniversary, along with some vague hints at new developments and initiatives relating to the anniversary.

The official Tweets revealing the logo don’t give much away, but in a Q&A with Japanese site posted at the end of last year, Street Fighter series director Takayuki Nakayama mentioned “various initiatives” relating to the 35th Anniversary, and promised that Capcom would do its best with regard to those initiatives. The question is, what are they?

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Well, it would be a great year to announce, maybe even release, a Street Fighter VI, and that would surely be at the very top of any Street Fighter fan’s wishlist. It might be a bit soon for that though. There were eight years between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V, and a whopping 11 years between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV. It’s only been six years since Street Fighter V.

Game franchise anniversaries are more often marked by remasters and compilations, so we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see some kind of Street Fighter: 35th Anniversary Edition release, presumably consisting of one or more classic Street Fighter titles in some kind of remastered form. The first four games in the main series, for example, in one package, would do very nicely indeed.