Capcom’s Dev 1 team seemingly has a hand in Street Fighter 6’s development, based on retweets

Just tell us if it’s the RE Engine or not, Capcom.

Image via Capcom

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Street Fighter 6 was announced last weekend, and like many big game announcements, there are already a lot of questions behind it. Fans are asking things like what engine it is running on, who at Capcom is specifically developing it, and of course, what is up with that logo?

Well, we might have some of those questions close to figured out, as Capcom’s Dev 1 team retweeted the reveal trailer for Street Fighter 6 on its official Twitter account. In the past, the Dev 1 account hasn’t retweeted projects that the studio didn’t have some sort of hand in, whether it be them being the primary developer or for projects that use the RE Engine.

The Dev 1 team is responsible for developing Resident Evil 2 Remake, Devil May Cry 5, and Resident Evil Village, all of which were made in the RE Engine. The engine was also made to use Monster Hunter Rise, which the Twitter account usually shares news about as well.

Based on the history of Capcom’s development teams it is unlikely that Dev 1 is the main team working on Street Fighter 6, but the idea that the game will be made in RE Engine is looking more and more likely — at least, based on pure precedent and common sense.