CD Projekt Red gives a glimpse into its future, reveals multiple games in production

CD Projekt Red is going to be real busy.

Image via CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red announced today that multiple new games, including games in the Witcher and Cyberpunk universe, are currently in production. The announcements come via the official company Twitter, where the studio revealed five new projects, some that are being developed internally and others with support from external studios.

These projects included three new Witcher games, a new Cyberpunk game, and a brand new IP from the studio. The company only shared the codenames and brief descriptions of each project, but they give us an idea of what each game will entail and a small glimpse of what to expect from each.

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First, there is Orion, the next game in the Cyberpunk universe which they hope can “continue harnessing the potential of this dark future universe.” Then we have tons of news regarding the Witcher, starting with Polaris, which is currently in pre-production and will be the beginning of a new saga of games, with the studio stating it aims to release two more games after Polaris to make a new trilogy. Canis Majoris will be a new Witcher game separate from the new trilogy and will be developed by an external studio who have previously worked on the Witcher franchise.

The last new Witcher announcement is a game being developed by CDPR studio The Molasses Flood with assistance from CD Projekt Red. This project notably will include a multiplayer component, the first in the series to do so, which will come on top of the single-player experience fans expect from the Witcher. Lastly, we have Hadar, a brand new IP being developed by CD Projekt Red from scratch. This project is in its early stages with no actual game in development yet.

These may only be small details, but all these announcements give us a glimpse into the company’s plans for the future. And it looks like it could be a fruitful one, assuming CDPR learned from its previous missteps going forward.