CD Projekt Red nerfing “unintended” private parts in The Witcher 3’s next gen update

A full-frontal accident.

Images via CD Projekt Red

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is having a tough time with its recent publicity. Since the launch of the next generation update, there have been numerous missteps surrounding the title, especially for the PC version, even though fan approval still remains quite high. Now it seems that the game has met with another unfortunate issue, and it can not be solved by simply replacing Geralt with Liam Hemsworth. In fact, its solution calls for a total curtain call ending. You might want to buckle up, as the latest Witcher 3 next gen update controversy involves the “unintended” inclusion of realistic … private parts.

The next generation update for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt included many fan-made mods, and apparently one of them got the slip on CD Projekt Red. According to Kotaku, the crones of Crookback Bog that displayed full-frontal nudity in the original game now have highly detailed anatomy, complete with realistic pubic hair. Prior to the next gen update, these characters had a blank canvas where their anatomy would normally be on display.

When pressed on the issue, CD Projekt Red explained that these textures were accidentally merged in with some other community-sourced mods and studio-created enhancements. They are planning to fully remove the unintended mistake, returning the genitalia to its ambiguous doll format from prior to the update.

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Some fans question whether this incident is truly an accident, as the company has been known to display private parts in more recent titles. Something of this caliber, however, is unlikely intended as it goes well beyond the scope of most games. Maybe they actually intended to make highly-detailed cats and merged the wrong file?