Chokeslam some terrorists with Undertaker and Becky Lynch skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Can you pull a piledriver as the Undertaker?

Image via WWE

Ubisoft Montreal announced new skins for operators Blackbeard and Thorn in Rainbow Six Siege. The new skins are based on some of the most popular WWE wrestlers of all time, the Undertaker and Becky Lynch. The Undertaker skin is for Blackbeard, while Becky Lynch will step in for Thorn. Both skins are available in the Rainbow Six store right now and can be bought in two separate bundles. The two bundles are called Blackbeard’s Deadman Bundle and Thorn’s Becky Lynch Bundle.

The announcement trailer for Undertaker and Lynch shows off the skins using the wrestler’s iconic stances and poses. The Undertaker and Lynch skins were leaked in September 2022 by a leaker known as Lungu R6. Lungu shared screenshots of the two skins on Telegram, but Ubisoft never responded to the leaks, and the operator skins never arrived in 2022, skipping out on the WWE Survivor Series in November.

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Operators are the playable characters that gamers can pick, with each operator offering their own unique set of skills and stats. Blackbeard is an Attacking Operator who uses gadgets like the Transparent Armored Rifle-Shields to give him higher survivability compared to other operators. Thorn is a Defending Operator that uses special proximity grenades that detonate when opponents get into the radius. Rainbow Six Seige has crossed over with several different properties in the past. Last year, Ubisoft offered fans operators skins based on Rick and Morty and Yakuza.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the many titles with Tom Clancy’s name and launched in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and later received ports for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2020. Siege is a tactical first-person shooter, revolving around two teams of attackers or defenders trying to either complete objectives or stop the other team from doing so.