Codemasters Senior Artist Confirms PS5 Dev Kit Design

A few hours ago, we reported about a Sony patent that looked like a PlayStation 5 dev kit. We’ve known for a while that development kits for the next-generation console are around, as chief architect Mark Cerny had released an interview where he detailed PS5’s specs to prevent leaks from popping up on the net after those had been shipped.

Anyway, this patent included a slightly bulky design, something recalling a “V” with a lot of vents that, even considering that development kits are usually quite weird in terms of how they look, seemed very unnecessarily unusual.

However, these are a chance that patent is actually for a PS5 dev kit, as a senior artist at Codemasters, named Matthew Stott, has shared on Twitter that the British studio already has one of those at their offices and can confirm it’s the tool to work on the next-gen platform.

Stott even tagged Metro, the British website among those which had reported the news, evidently not fearing the consequences of him telling all this stuff in public. Anyway, only minutes ago, he has removed the tweet, perhaps under the suggestion of Codemasters or Sony itself. That’s only a further confirmation of his statement being true.

Of course, knowing that the moment of him being forced to remove the tweet would’ve eventually come, we’ve grabbed a screen of him confirming that the patent was actually for a PlayStation 5 dev kit, and you can see it attached to our news.

It looks like the next generation gears are starting to move, and we’re very close to see something happen in public, whether it is at the end of the year or in the first half of 2020.

PS5 Dev Kit Design