Cozy Multiplayer RPG Fae Farm Coming To Nintendo Switch

Pre-orders have opened for Fae Farm, a new multiplayer cozy RPG farming sim for Nintendo Switch which releases later this year.

Image Via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch will stuff another multiplayer RPG farming sim into its 2023 schedule, as pre-orders for Fae Farm are now open. It’s become a running gag among the Nintendo fanbase regarding the number of RPG farming games that have appeared on the Nintendo Switch in recent years, especially as they tend to take up a lot of airtime during the Nintendo Directs.

Fae Farm is set in the magical land of Azoria, where the player will create their own character, customize their gear, and build their home and farm as they go on adventures. In Fae Farm, you can unlock rewards based on how well you design your home, so no bachelor pads with only a bed and a bucket in this game: you have to work for your fancy furniture.

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Pre-Orders Are Open For Fae Farm, A New Multiplayer Farming Sim For Nintendo Switch

During the June 2023 Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that pre-orders for Fae Farm, the new multiplayer RPG farming game, are now open. Fae Farm will launch on September 8 as a console exclusive on Nintendo Switch, and it’s also coming to Steam on PC. If you pre-order the game on the Nintendo Eshop, you’ll receive the Cozy Cabin Variety Pack. The latest trailer for Fae Farm is available on the official Nintendo of America YouTube channel.

Fae Farm will allow you to tend to all kinds of magical creatures, which are more interesting than the standard cows and sheep that appear in other farming games. You’ll also get to brew potions and forge new weaponry as you explore the countryside. There is also an entire town full of NPCs for you to befriend and even romance, should any catch your eye.

Alongside the normal farming RPG gameplay loop of tending crops, hanging out with the locals, crafting gear, and creating your home, you’ll also be able to go out into Azoria and fight powerful monsters that inhabit the land. You don’t have to face these threats alone, as Fae Farm features four-player local co-op and five-player online co-op multiplayer.

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Fae Farm is facing stiff competition on the Nintendo Switch, as there are many farming RPGs on the system, with more on the way, including another called Palia, which is also set to launch in 2023. This cute game might have what it takes to stand out from the crowd, especially if it nails its home rating system and doesn’t judge you for living like Lenny from The Simpsons.