Dinkum farming guide – Tips and tricks for farming in Dinkum

Farming the right way.

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In order to progress smoothly in Dinkum, you need to master the art of farming. The process of farming involves getting seeds, sowing them, and taking care of them until it fully grows. Overall, it is an intricate process and can be confusing, especially if you are a beginner. Hence, we’ve listed the best tips and tricks that will help you become an expert at farming in Dinkum.

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How to start farming in Dinkum

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In order to farm in Dinkum, you need to acquire different seeds. You can easily find seeds in different trees and bushes scattered throughout the map. That said, the best quality seeds are sold by NPC Rayne, who appears at the Visitor’s Tent randomly. The stock Rayne carries is not fixed, so you can potentially get any seed from her. She also sells hoe and Watering Cans required for planting and taking care of the seeds.

Whenever Rayne visits your island, ensure you interact with her and complete the given task. Each time you fulfill a task, it will increase your heart with Rayne, and when it reaches a specific threshold, she will open a shop permanently on your island.

Once you have the seeds, go to your farming land and plow a block using the hoe. Use left click to plant the seed on prepared land, and ensure you use the Watering Can on it daily to speed up the growing progress. After the crop fully grows, you’ll be able to harvest it along with the rewards.

Other farming tips for Dinkum

It’s worth noting that certain crops can only be harvested using specific tools. Hence, make sure you check the description of the seed when buying it from Rayne. This will also tell you about the period it will take to grow the specific crop fully. Finally, certain crops can only be farmed seasonally, which makes them rare and ultimately more profitable.