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Cozy Solarpunk MMO Loftia is Coming to Kickstarter in August

After months of development work, developer Qloud Games is finally ready to bring its cozy eco-friendly title Loftia to Kickstarter.

Developer Qloud Games has announced that after more than a year of working in the background and developing the game, Loftia is coming to Kickstarter in August. The cozy solarpunk MMO sounds like it will break new ground in multiple spaces, offering something unique for fans tired of games with so many similarities.

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Fans of cozy games can now look forward to being able to help bring a new title in the genre to life. Loftia promises to be a cozy MMO that’s focused on players progressing at their own pace and engaging with the world in ways that aren’t always optimal. Everything is framed by an eco-friendly aesthetic, perfect for MMO fans that want to save the Earth in their games instead of fighting monsters.

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Fans Can Help Make Loftia’s Cozy Solarpunk Slice of Life Gameplay a Reality Next Month

Loftia’s developer Qloud Games announced today that the game’s Kickstarter campaign launches on August 1, 2023. Fans can currently register to be notified of when the page goes live on Kickstarter, but will almost certainly be better off following the title on Twitter to stay up to date with all news.

Qloud Games has drawn inspiration from titles such as Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and classic MMOs to create the concept behind Loftia. In the game, players will explore sky islands and craft, farm, and uncover secrets alongside other players in the same world. Everything is done at the player’s pace, with no need to rush or optimize builds to make the most of specific events.

Loftia’s solarpunk setting will see players working with environmentally-friendly technology like wind turbines, solar panels, and so much more. The setting bleeds into every element players interact with, from the visuals to the NPCs and items. Even the way characters are designed has a solarpunk vibe. The most interesting part of the game is its MMO components, which have very rarely if truly ever, been combined with a cozy title.

At the time of writing, we don’t know how much Qloud Games will need from the Kickstarter campaign to build and release Loftia. However, given the reaction from the indie and cozy communities to it during this year’s Wholesome Direct, we believe it has a decent chance of generating enough cash.

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