Sony Reportedly Working On A Crash Bandicoot Animated Movie


Crash Bandicoot could get an animated movie, according to the sources close to We Got This Covered. This move could be one part of the Activision strategy for revamping the Crash Bandicoot brand after the N. Sane Trilogy and CTR Nitro-Fueled remasters.

The sources in question here have a good track record, they previously suggested WGTC that Bill Murray would be returning to the Ghostbusters franchise for Ghostbusters 3, and Aladdin would get a sequel, and both these rumors were recently confirmed.

According to the latest rumor, an animated movie would be in the works at Sony Pictures, although work on the project would be still rather “early,” and details would be very sparse at the time being. A brand new game is also rumored to be in the making, and it could be coming alongside this project, or shortly earlier, in a few years.

It is hinted that Sony is working very carefully on the IP to avoid another Sonic-like fiasco, where the titular protagonist had to be redesigned entirely based on community backlash, and the movie got delayed.

A basic plot would be in the making, as we’re told that we likely see Crash Bandicoot attempting to save the world from Doctor Neo Cortex’s evil plans.

Movies based on video games have proved to be a delicate matter. Many of them have turned to be failures from both a commercial and critics standpoint, and many others have been in development hell for several years like it has happened most recently to Uncharted with Tom Holland.