Crash Team Rumble shares a Tiki Towers stage overview, still little info on how the game works

Is there a bunch they’re not showing us?

Image via Toys for Bob

The developers of Crash Team Rumble, Toys for Bob, have shown off a new video revealing an area called Tiki Towers. Crash ran around the area and gave a quick glimpse at the obstacles you will contend with when playing. However, after this and the official reveal at The Game Awards a couple of months ago, people are still very confused about what you will be doing in the full release of the game.

About all we concretely know about Crash Team Rumble at the moment is that it is a 4v4 team-based competition that revolves around collecting Wumpa Fruit. From what we can gather from the reveal trailer and this short video of Tiki Towers is you will have to run around the arena and grab as much as you can. Teams will then need to deliver the fruit to their base before the opposing enemy team can attack you and presumably make you drop your inventory.

For this being the first time actual gameplay was shown for the title, it seems that people want to be excited about this game, but are unsure what to latch onto here. We see Crash put on Uka Uka, which Coco did in the reveal trailer, and call down a rain of fire balls, but him just running around on an empty island with no other combatants doesn’t really show us anything. Also, with Crash Bandicoot being such a beloved name that has been making a comeback recently, it’s a bizarre situation seeing Activision being so secretive for what could end up being a really small party game.

From a graphical standpoint, Crash Team Rumble looks pretty close to on par with Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, but given how small the arena is that we just saw and the minuscule content shown so far, we are kind of worried if this is a game that can keep people’s attention for more than 20 minutes. It could end up being Crash Bash with less variety.