Beach with a dock and a player running across it with a Temtem behind them.

Temtem dev implements hotfixes to cope with launch day server load

The launch of Temtem has already been a rocky affair, with numbers in the thousands showing as the queue to get into the new monster collecting MMO adventure.

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However, developer Crema is aware of the issues, and it has already tweeted that a fix for at least one of the issues is on the way, and has since issued it to the server.

This would mean that it was not expecting to see the whopping 20,000+ players join the game immediately at launch, and the extra rush of players could be what has caused the issues with the game, including a large number of people queuing on top of unexpected crashes that is being reported by many players. However, with the hotfix now live, it should start to see issues come down for tamers looking to log in.

The game is inspired by Nintendo’s Pokemon, with monster collecting, training and battling elements that require players to explore the islands of the game, building their team and taking on other trainers with their Temtem. As it is an MMO, the game has an always-online element, meaning that the servers need to be ready and reliable for any influx of new players. While the game isn’t quite feature-complete yet, the developer claims that there is still 20 hours worth of content to get through.

The game hit early access on Steam today. As we reported, the game is already seeing issues that come with most MMOs, including huge waiting times.

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