Cringy Pokémon Unite Holowear Tweet Leaves Blastoise Fans Furious

A recent Pokémon tweet has fans coming to the defense of Blastoise, one of the original starter Pokémon of the series.

Image via Pokémon Unite YouTube

There are some tweets that are better left unsent and should never make their way online. But unfortunately, not everything is properly thought through. Today, Pokémon fans feel betrayed as the official Pokémon page shared a cringy tweet alongside a Pokémon Unite image featuring Blastoise in a dashing outfit.

The tweet leans into Blastoise’s outfit and dives into what is ultimately a cringy image of a sorely outdated meme, potentially ruining the beloved first generation Pokémon for players everywhere. Many fans took to the comments to share their dismay at the tweet.

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Pokémon Social Media Account Ruins Blastoise, and Fans Respond Harshly

The tweet went out earlier today, shared by the official Pokémon Twitter Account, with over 7.7 million followers. The tweet reads, “*tips hat* m’Trainers,” with a posted image of Blastoise wearing the Fashionable Style from the mobile and Nintendo Switch Pokémon Unite game.

The joke did not go over well with multiple fans, with many commenting with posts of pictures of Pokémon or purely of text with their shock. Several of the comments include, “No, don’t ruin the best Kanto starter for me,” to “How do I dislike a tweet,” and even some simply typing a “No,” in response.

Others were dismayed that the account made the joke in the first place, with no real reason. The outfit used in the image, Fashionable Style Blastoise, from Pokémon Unite, appeared at the start of 2023. A post promoting the new outfit would have made sense, but using a cringy, outdated meme and the image feels entirely out of place unless it was simply to get a response from the Pokémon community.

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We’re not quite sure why the tweet was posted, but many Pokémon fans agree that it was unnecessary. It might have been the social media team behind Pokémon attempting to do something new, but it’s missed the mark.