Dark Souls Trilogy Not Yet Confirmed For North America And Europe


With the remaster of the original Dark Souls coming for all the platforms on 25th of May, PS4 has an additional perk with it, as the Dark Souls Trilogy will be releasing and it will be a PS4 exclusive. The news came from the official Dark Souls Japanese website.

Dark Souls Trilogy Announced Exclusively For PlayStation 4

The Dark Souls trilogy box, which is a sort of a collector’s edition, contains a lot of goodies for the fans, along with the games. The trilogy: Dark Souls Remastered, Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin and Dark Souls III The Fire Fades Edition.

In Box Contents

  • Original Book End
  • Bookend “Waka Fire”
  • Bookend “Senior Knight”
  • Dark soul item dictionary
  • Item Encycropedia I
  • Item Encycropedia II
  • Item Encycropedia III
  • Memorial art set
  • Special art × 10 sheets
  • Dedicated frame

All that is left is a remaster for the game which kicked off this series, i.e. Demon Souls.

We have not yet received a confirmation from Namco Bandai regarding the release of this astonishing Dark Souls Trilogy in North America and Europe. Currently, this special edition is available only in Japan for a price of YEN 49000 which comes to around $445.

Dark Souls Trilogy Exclusive To PlayStation 4