Days Gone Tech Analysis: “Not Quite The Extreme Sense of Polish of Sony 1P Releases”


Days Gone is available today for PS4 and PS4 Pro, and just in time, we get to learn more about the game’s performance thanks to the first tech analysis around.

The tech analysis coming from Digital Foundry allows us to have all the details about the quality of the game in technical terms, and that’s rather important if you think the title in question was a bit troubled during its latest showcases as for frame rate in particular.

According to DF, Days Gone is still having issues on regular PS4, and while it’s a bit better on PS4 Pro, it reveals an unexpected lack of polish.

“I enjoyed my time with Days Gone and the overall package is solid in terms of visual presentation. The world is large and detailed, lighting is natural, shadows are beautifully implemented bring welcome depth to the environment, characters are lovingly crafted, and the zombies are plentiful,” says the tech review.

“But there’s not quite the sense of extreme polish we’ve come to expect from Sony first-party releases, with some bugs and glitches, while base PlayStation 4 performance – despite the 1.03 patch – isn’t on par with the Pro.”

As for the details, the analysis shares that “based on initial impressions, the Pro delivers a mostly locked 30fps with consistent frame-pacing and only very occasional, mostly minor slowdown.”

It remarks that “it’s not a perfect turn-out” on PS4 Pro, while the base PS4 “can struggle more in some scenarios – bike rides through the open world can see frame-rate stutter, and scenes heavy in alpha effects also take their toll.”

So, the idea is that the game is very good looking overall but has issues it hasn’t managed to fix throughout the development, especially for what matters the consistency of the frame rate.

You can check all the details at the full analysis from the guys at Digital Foundry. We’re doing an extensive coverage in terms of guides so, should you need help with the game, just read over here, and you’ll find it.