Dbrand ceases sales of third-party PS5 faceplates

This may be Sony’s first action towards third-party modifiers.

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Image via Sony

Those who were wishing to customized their hard to get PlayStation 5 to be black may be out of luck. Dbrand, the company that makes the black-colored faceplate for PS5s called “Darkplates”, has revealed they had received a cease-and-desist letter from Sony. The company will no longer sell “Darkplates” as of today.

Dbrand goes over the whole situation on Reddit, going through all the legality while at the same time ridiculing Sony’s decision. The company claims that consumers have the right to modify any hardware they buy, even if it’s from a third-party seller. The Reddit post ends with the company saying they will “submit to the terrorists’ demands… for now.” The company then marks off the post with a profanity-laced message directed towards Sony.

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On that note, Dbrand wasn’t the only company selling modified faceplates or other accessories for the PlayStation 5. It is unknown if Sony plans to carry out further cease-and-desist letters for other companies that sell these kinds of modifiers. Dbrand speculates that Sony may be sending out these letters as it may be intending to sell an official version of the faceplate.

The “Darkplates” became a popular modifier for PlayStation 5 because it made the console look more closely to older versions of the PlayStation, which have all been black in the past three generations.