DC FanDome announced a new mobile game called DC Heroes & Villains

DC heroes and villains team up.

Screenshot via DC Comics

DC FanDome revealed a brand new mobile game based on the characters of the DC Universe. Titled DC Heroes & Villains, not much information was unveiled for the game other than a short teaser and that it will be available to pre-register today on the official website.

The main premise of the game will be about the superheroes of the DC Universe teaming up with their arch-enemies to stop a bigger threat. The teaser for Heroes & Villains didn’t reveal any gameplay as it was just a series of images featuring some of the DC’s biggest characters.

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The teaser had heroes Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman facing against villains Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Lex Luther. However, their brawl was interrupted by Teen Titans’ mega-villain, and Raven’s father, Trigon.

A pulse hits the heroes and villains which drains them of their powers. This forces the group of heroes and villains to stand side-by-side to face the giant demon. The game will feature locations like Atlantis and Gotham City. There was no official release date for when the game launches.

DC Comics isn’t a stranger to mobile games as the company has released several throughout the years. The company has had a mobile game based on the Injustice series as well as an original game called DC Legends, which launched beforehand.