Death Stranding Was Actually Built In Three Years

There’s a belief around that Hideo Kojima takes a lot to build brand new games, something that Kojima himself has often spoken about and returned on in a recent series of tweets. As you might recall, Death Stranding releases on November 8, 2019, it was announced last week.

Kojima took to Twitter in order to provide a detailed timeline of all the work that has been done on the game, sharing that the first step was to convince Norman Reedus to play Sam Porter Bridges, the main character, and then craft the reveal trailer for E3 2016 before he even had the Decima Engine on board.

These are the main steps as outlined by the game designer and director:

  • 2015/12/16 established KJP & started recruiting
  • 2016/1 searching for engine
  • 2016/2 met Norman in LA and asked to be the main role
  • 2016/3 did Norman’s scan & P cap in San Diego for the trailer
  • 2016/4 making LUDENS CG
  • 2016/5 moved to an office
  • 2016/6 announced 1st trailer
  • 2016/6 did a presentation to Mads on Skype
  • 2016/7 announced KJP trailer
  • 2016/7 asked Mads to be a part of this project in San Diego
  • 2016/8 did Mads’ scan & P cap for the trailer in the UK
  • 2016/9 did Guillermo’s scan & P cap for the trailer in Canada
  • 2016/fall engine decided
  • 2016/12 announced PV by DECIMA had to stop shooting due to SAG strike
  • 2017/1 office construction has been completed

Of course, these are not all the pieces of the puzzle, as other actors have been mo-capped and performance-capped such as Nicolas Winding Refn, whose role was only unveiled in the latest trailer as it has happened with the character of Mama.

In a separate tweet, he also made it clear that in January 2016 the game was only alive in his “brain” and that he will never forget “the strand” that he has been allowed to create with Guerrilla Games, whose engine powers the entire production.

So, it’s clear that the development of Death Stranding has only took three years, which is mostly the usual timeframe a triple-A title requires nowadays. It’ll be good that you remember these words next time you say Kojima games take a lot of time to release.