Death Stranding coming to PC on June 2, bringing Photo Mode and higher FPS

Take on Kojima’s walking simulator with a mouse and keyboard this summer.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding, the latest game from Hideo Kojima, is releasing on Steam and Epic Games Store on June 2, and it’s bringing with it some nice graphical updates. A new tweet by 505 Games confirms a Photo Mode, support for ultra-wide monitors, and increases in frame rate.

On the PlayStation 4, the game runs at a consistent 30 frames-per-second, but given many PC’s higher power, this version will allow that rate to be higher, giving the game a smoother look and feel.

It will also be getting support for ultra-wide monitors, allowing players with those to be able see and take in more of the game’s lush, yet dreary, world. The look and feel of the game’s world are absolutely one of its strengths, so the ability to see more as you play is definitely a good thing.

In addition to these graphical updates, the game will also be getting a new Photo Mode, allowing players to stop the game and get a good shot of the world or main character, Sam. Based on the options seen in the video, this new mode is very customizable, allowing you to change Sam’s pose, expression, and where he is looking.

There will also be some Half-Life content for players to enjoy when the game releases.

Death Stranding came out in November for the PlayStation 4, and while being a success, there were some criticisms of the game, namely its focus on storytelling rather than gameplay. While some found the game to be an indulging, immersive narrative experience, many players felt the gameplay shallow and without a real variety of things to do. Either way, the PC version of the game is sure to sell well and bring the story of a broken world to an even bigger group of players.