Delphox Tera Raids Launched to Scarlet & Violet Are Here, But Players Are Furious With Random Online Teammates

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players deal with the real frustration of Delphox Tear Raids in the main game: Other Players.

Image via the Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Raids are not designed to be simple. These raids are supposed to be a challenge for all players to bring their best Pokemon to face off against the fearsome opponent. Unfortunately, not everyone might be ready to take on this new, hefty target, and Scarlet & Violet players have been sharing their woes when facing off against Delphox in the Seven-Star Tera Raids.

The Delphox Tera Raids went live last night and features a Fairy Tera Type of this Pokemon, traditionally a Fire and Psychic type. Scarlet & Violet fans have not been amused with the random groups they’ve been paired with where players are bringing silly and outlandish choices for this raid.

S&V Players Struggle With Poor Tera Raid Team Choices

Image via the Pokemon Company

The Scarlet & Violet players have been posting on Reddit the many woes of having to deal with random players in online Tera Raids. The first picture to start the thread off begins with a player using a Hydreigon, the final evolution of Deino, a Dark and Dragon-type Pokemon.

As a Dark and Dragon-type, it is decidedly weak against a Fairy-type Pokemon, making it a problematic choice to use against Delphox, given it has a variety of Fairy and Psychic-type attacks, and is resistant to everything a Fairy-type would be. It’s not a go-to option for anyone who wants to take victory against Delphox, and it’s a disappointing sight, but one that has become more and more common as in Scarlet & Violet online raids as players attempt to merely glide their way through these encounters to earn the reward.

In the thread, players share the previous woes they’ve had in previous Scarlet & Violet Delphox Tera Raids. One user shares, “Someone brought in a Greninja with a protein, then used Night Slash to become a Dark Type, died five times, and then everyone died … the end.” Another talked about how, “It was incredibly frustrating. Dummies trying to run Annihilape, Zacian, and Iron Hands. Like … did you even bother looking at the Pokemon you’re reading or even its Tera type?”

Unfortunately, for Scarlet & Violet players run into this issues relatively often. The online community hasn’t had too much success with these more difficult raids, with many preferring to bring in their friends to ensure they can handle these tough encounter. It’d be nice to see if the Pokemon Company could find some way to filter these less-than-ideal experiences out. In the meantime, Scarlet & Vioelt players will need to try focusing on raiding with their friends than rely on the kindness of community members.