Detective Pikachu Returns Set To Release on Nintendo Switch This October

Detective Pikachu Returns is headed to Nintendo Switch this Holiday Season with another mysterious adventure set in the world of Pokemon.

detective pikachu

Detective Pikachu’s long-awaited sequel is coming to the Nintendo Switch in Detective Pikachu Returns. The follow-up to Pokemon’s DS detective game was first announced in 2019 alongside several other projects, but radio silence followed.

That was until the June 2023 Nintendo Direct, when The Pokemon Company delivered the first look at Detective Pikachu Returns. Players were given a glimpse of Pikachu’s adventures, heard his deep gravely voice, and were even treated with a release date.

Detective Pikachu Returns coming to Nintendo Switch

Detective Pikachu Returns is set to come to Nintendo Switch on October 6, 2023. Players will take control of Pikachu and his partner Tim Goodman to solve the mysteries involving creatures from Gen 1-8.

During the trailer, Pikachu interacted with various Pokemon, including a Slowpoke wearing a fedora and the mighty Gen 1 Legendary Mewtwo. However, we weren’t given a clear look at what mysteries will need to be solved in the sequel, only that it would take place during the newly proclaimed Pokemon Friendship Week.

That said, we were shown plenty of Pikachu’s personality and unsettlingly deep voice. Pokemon fans are used to Pikachu having a higher voice that repeatedly says “Pika Pika,” so seeing the electric rodent form full sentences with the tone of a ham-fisted cop was off-putting, to say the least.

Regardless, players can look forward to solving crimes in the world of Pokemon this Holiday Season. It may not be the typical catch and battle playstyle fans are used to, but it’s still Pokemon nonetheless.