Diablo III Reportedly Coming To Nintendo Switch With Local Co-Op


According to insiders, Diablo III could be coming quite soon to Nintendo Switch, as Blizzard might be already developing the new version and planning to release it in around one year from now. Based on intel gathered by Neoseeker, the isometric hack ‘n’ slash RPG would be coming to the market in its fifth console version, after PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and the first ever to be playable in a portable mode.

Diablo III Coming To Nintendo Switch With Co-op

Blizzard refused to offer any comment about the matter, but from the looks of it, this new version should support local co-op, with the ability to connect several Switch devices in a Wi-Fi environment and play together with friends at the same home.

The Diablo III Nintendo Switch Edition should be announced during the upcoming larger game events, like the E3 2018 in June or the 11th Blizzcon (it’s set to kick off on November 3).

The first option looks more viable in case the title should be launched in early 2019 as we suppose it is going to be, considering it’d be a pretty quick port from other console versions or even low spec PC.

We’d definitely look into it, complete as it would be with the expansion Reaper of Souls and all the tweaks that have been implemented since the original (and quite rocky) PC launch.

Source: Neoseeker