DnD’s Planescape Setting Has Floating Skull Tutorials To Explain The Weird Stuff

D&D’s Planescape campaign setting invites DMs to use tutorial skulls to teach players about the setting.

Image Via Wizards of the Coast

Planescape is coming to Dungeons & Dragons 5E, but your group doesn’t need to be left behind, as the campaign setting will give players access to floating skulls that will explain the details of the strange multiverse. These skulls are known as Mimirs, and they guide those who step outside the boundaries of their world and explore everything beyond.

Many D&D groups use the Forgotten Realms as their campaign setting because it has so many recognizable elements that players can jump straight into without more information. This isn’t true of settings like Dragonlance or Spelljammer, which have their unique quirks that players need to know going in, so that they don’t get lost during the first session.

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D&D’s Planescape Campaign Encourages The Use Of Tutorial Skulls

Image Via Wizards of the Coast

Planescape might be the most difficult to explain D&D campaign setting of them all, as it encompasses the entirety of the multiverse. Luckily, the upcoming Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse set will prevent players from needing to waste their D&D Session Zero on a history lesson, as the Mimirs are back in full force to help get everyone up to speed.

The books will include narration by the Mimirs and appear in the Turn of Fortune’s Wheel adventure that comes with the box set. This gives DMs a built-in method for explaining the weirdest aspects of the setting, and it will be needed, as there are a lot of peculiar aspects about the Planescape campaign setting that set it apart from the familiar D&D home worlds.

Any Planescape D&D campaign will likely start in the city of Sigil, which is believed to be the center of reality, with doors to every plane of existence. Sigil is home to many Mimirs, who proudly tell anyone who will listen about the factions within the city, the details of all of the planes, and outline any rules the players need to follow when inside the walls. This makes them the perfect tutorial for the campaign, which can happen mid-game, with players forced to react to new information as they go.

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Planescape last appeared in D&D back in the early ’90s, with most fans only knowing it through the classic Planescape: Torment video game. The Planescape multiverse is home to many fascinating and strange things, so DMs will need a bit of extra help when it comes to laying out all of existence to their party. Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse launches on October 17, 2023.