Doom Eternal will run at 60 FPS everywhere except the Nintendo Switch

Everyone get’s plenty of frames, except the Switch.

Doom Eternal Game Length

(Screengrab from Bethesda)

id Software thinks that having good frame rates is an essential part of the experience when you are playing the revitalized Doom series, and things are not going to change for Doom Eternal. It has been confirmed that the game will run at 60 FPS on all platforms except the Nintendo Switch. According to Killy Khan, id Software’s lead engine programmer, the game will run at 60FPS on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and the Xbox One, One S, and One X.

The only platform not mentioned in the tweet is the Nintendo Switch, for what should be obvious reasons. The Switch version won’t be releasing along with everything else and will run at 30FPS on Nintendo’s handheld console. Even so, being able to get a game like Doom Eternal running on the Switch at all is an impressive feat. 

System specs recently game to light for the PC version of the game, where the developers are confident the game could run up to 1000 FPS if someone had they equipment to generate and display all those frames. This is interesting for a few reasons, but mainly because it shows that developers are starting to get very conscious of how technology is going to grow and change over the years, and how innovation can often happen extremely quickly. id Tech 6, the engine used for the last release, could go up to 250 frames, which means a four-fold increase for id Tech 7, the newest engine.

id Software has also teased a host of other engine improvements, such as increase geometric detail, incredible smooth combat, and even more enemies on the screen at one time.

Doom Eternal will release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Mar. 20. A release date for the Nintendo Switch version is not known at this time.