Dreams Come True as Media Molecule’s Ambitious Creation Game Goes Gold


After spending around 8 months in early access, Media Molecule’s ambitious game/creation tool Dreams has gone gold and will be launching Feb. 14.

Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet series became popular for its extensive level creation suite, and Dreams builds on that foundation by letting players design anything from music videos to entire new games.

Media Molecule announced the end of Dreams’ early access period in December, taking the game off the storefront on Dec. 7 to implement final changes, but allowing anyone who already owned it to continue playing. At the time, Media Molecule said it would focus on adding its own content to the game, and improve features like tutorials and community creation events. The developer didn’t announce a release date then, but rumors had already pegged the launch for some time in February, and the date was later confirmed during Sony’s State of Play presentation.

Now, Media Molecule has confirmed Dreams’ Feb. 14 launch in a tweet showing the very enthusiastic-looking development team gathered in the studio to celebrate. As hinted at by the tweet saying “we’re so excited to continue this adventure,” Media Molecule’s work is far from done.

Given the ongoing community nature of Dreams and the fact that it’s about to get exposed to a much wider audience than it’s had so far, the developer will likely be working for quite a while squashing bugs, adding new features, and keeping creators and players engaged.

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PlayStation Worldwide Studios’ former president Shuhei Yoshida, who’s now in charge of guiding indie studios with Sony, also has high hopes for Dreams. Last year, he said that Sony has a 10-year vision for Dreams, calling it one of his favorite projects ever. That announcement has also led to speculation that Dreams could see a PlayStation 5 port somewhere down the line.