DualSense firmware updater coming to PC and Mac, according to deleted EULA

Feature parity is looking likely.

Image via PlayStation

The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller has been compatible with PC games since it arrived. PS5 Remote Play has always been possible too, but fun features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers aren’t universal right now. That seems to be changing, according to a new end-user license agreement (EULA) from Sony.

The now-deleted, updated EULA mentions “devices that…run the applicable versions of Microsoft Windows or macOS.” This language implies a few things for DualSense owners. First, it suggests that you’ll be able to update your controller’s firmware through the PC — right now it can only be done on the PS5 itself. Two, it’s a good sign that feature parity for things like feedback, triggers, and the touchpad is on the way.

The last implication is a biggie. We already know that PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will be combined into a single, three-tiered service. This updated EULA seemingly opens the door for PS Plus subscribers to stream to their PC, a feature that would bring the combined service closer to Microsoft’s Game Pass, which offers games on both Xbox consoles and PC. PS Now already runs natively on PC, so it’s not a big leap.

As exciting as all of that may be, don’t expect day-one game launches on the new service. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan believes such a thing would cause games to suffer and affect their quality.