DualShock 5 Reportedly Backwards Compatible with PS4

DualShock 5 Reportedly Backwards Compatible with PS4

DualShock 5 could be backwards compatible with PlayStation 4, according to a new FAQ posted on PlayStation France’s official website.

The FAQ, which has now been edited to prevent further leaks, has also stated that the name of the incoming PS5’s controller would indeed be DualShock 5. The name is not a surprise if you consider Sony’s previous controllers’ name but still news that hasn’t been confirmed thus far.

PlayStation France’s official page was presented to share similarities and differences between PS4 and PS4 Pro; when talking about controllers, every PS4 was said to be compatible with “DS4”, DualShock 4, together with a “DS5,” which sounds like a DualShock 5.

DualShock 5

Again, while the name of the controller itself doesn’t feel particularly groundbreaking, the news that the DualShock 5 could work on PlayStation 4 is new and would make for a significant change in how Sony handles transitions from a current-gen console to a next-gen one.

Microsoft has already committed to a full backwards compatibility program for Xbox Series X, which will officially support not only games from the original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One but also controllers and accessories from Xbox One on the newest generation console.

Things are slightly different for PlayStation 5, though. Sony has made it clear that it is working on backwards compatibility, but it has not been revealed yet which consoles from the past will be covered, and there’s a chance that only PS4 games could be included. On top of that, accessories have never been mentioned.