Will The PS5 Be Backwards Compatible?

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With the news of the PlayStation 5 being confirmed and released for the holidays in 2020, there are so many questions regarding the upcoming console. How much will it cost? How will it be different from the PlayStation 4? The vital question is something that fans have been asking for pretty much since the PlayStation 3 era.

Will the PS5 be backwards compatible?

The answer is yes, but only with PS4 games.

It is exhilarating, yet somewhat of a letdown that only PS4 games are confirmed to be backwards compatible. It makes sense due to the PS5 being built on the same architecture. Even with being currently backwards compatible with PS4, that is a lot of games for anyone’s library.

While it’s not a huge issue as there are many incredible games for the PS4, but some of us would appreciate having the chance to go back to the PlayStation 3 games, whether on disc or downloadable. PS3 had different hardware, which was why games from that console would not be backwards compatible.

At least PS3 games can be backwards compatible, similar to Xbox One, having a few Xbox games as options, but that is ultimately up to Sony and if they can pull it off or not. The PS5 could even take pointers from Xbox One X and be an enhanced version of the PS4, but Sony knows that it takes more than a simple upgrade for creating the next generation of a PlayStation.

Overall, the PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 games. As for PS3 games, it is highly doubtful, but not entirely out the window.

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