Dungeons 4 closed beta invites villains to test their vindictiveness

Only the most vile need apply.

Image via Kalypso Media

Kalypso Media Group is seeking potential villains for Dungeons 4’s closed beta. In a comical job fair-type post, the developer is looking for players who wish to check out the upcoming game ahead of its release. Those who do gain access to the beta will be able to live out their villainous dreams and aid the Absolute Evil.

Kalypso, publisher of Disciples: Liberation, posted an open application searching for “aspiring vindictive villains.” Those selected for the beta will gain exclusive access to the game before it releases later this year. Curious evildoers will have access to a single-player campaign that includes larger maps and creatures such as orcs, succubae, zombies, and more at their disposal. The deadline to apply for the beta is January 15. After it is closed, Kalypso will send out a response to those accepted into the beta.

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The Dungeons 4 closed beta will be available on the Microsoft Store and Steam beginning on January 24. It will be playable through February 7, giving players two weeks to explore, conquer, and destroy anyone who stands against their dungeon. Players who wish to be a part of the beta can apply on the publisher’s website.

Dungeons 4 is a dungeon management series where players build dungeons full of minions to keep out adventurers. It includes the return of Thalya the dark elf sorcerer as she advises the new leader of the Absolute Evil. Players command a legion of Snots to construct elaborate dungeons in an attempt to drive back invading dwarves looking for their share of treasure. This is the first game to include dwarves as characters and bosses to fight alongside the noble and stunning unicorn.

The full game will feature two-player co-op, so you and another villain can team up against the dwarf menace, more than 20 missions, and a fully narrated campaign. Dungeons 4 will release in 2023 on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.