Arcane Knowledge quest guide – Disciples: Liberation

Search the tomb for treasure.

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After reaching the area known as Verantho’or, you will be caught in the middle of a war between all of the factions you have been trying to ally with. Each faction has set up a base in Verantho’or. The Demon Warcamp, is south of where you spawn. Head south and cross the bridge to find a demon on the other side named Vikarum.

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It would seem that Vikarum is seeking knowledge from inside Veran’s Tomb. Taking the path to the right from Vikarum, you will see a stone pathway leading north that takes you to the tomb.

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When you arrive, the door will be sealed, and you won’t be able to enter. It is time to venture further into the story. Continue through the story until you fight Veran. Once he is defeated, you will gain access to his tomb.

Travel through the tomb until you reach the rock bridge. Take the left path on it to reach a wall you can interact with. Interact with the wall, and it will lower. Head inside the chamber to find the Tear of Bethrezen.

Return to Vikarum, and you will have the option of giving the Tear of Bethrezen to him or keeping it for yourself. If you choose to keep the tear, Vikarum will fight you.