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Dungeons & Dragons DMs Express Why They Love To Run Games

Dungeon Masters of Reddit have taken a moment to explain why they love doing what they do.

Being a Dungeon Master can be a lot of work in Dungeons & Dragons, but it can also be a hugely fulfilling experience for you and your players. For many DMs, there can be various reasons why they love running campaigns, and what better way to express that love than talking about it with your fellow DMs?

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DMs on Reddit have been discussing and revealing their favorite aspects of being Dungeon Masters, sharing stories about their games, why they love what they do, and just generally sharing some positivity about what they love about D&D.

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D&D Dungeons Masters All Have Unique Stories to Share

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Over on Reddit, a lively discussion began with players discussing what they enjoy about being a DM. As you’d expect, there were tons of varied reasons and responses to this question, highlighting the freedom and expressive nature of what makes D&D so great for players.

For many, the simple act of creating stories or worldbuilding is one they enjoy, and seeing their players inhabit the world they have created. One user explains it best: “It’s just such a special feeling” when players react to your stories and characters and become invested in what you are creating. In a particularly funny highlight, one DM details how a paladin got so into character that he charged into battle, leading his party in a bloody fight through multiple dungeon rooms. Or, last they described it, they went “full Leeroy Jenkins.”

Of course, for others it’s the sheer spontaneity of it all and not knowing what their players are doing to do next. Many in the thread highlight the joy and surprise at how their players react and handle situations, saying how “best most memorable moments are when the players decide to do the unexpected thing.” Usually, that involves outlandish ideas or solutions; for many, that’s the best part, whether that’s a clever combat play or a roleplay scenario that goes completely off the rails. The same can be said for characters, as anyone who has played D&D will know the feeling of becoming incredibly attached to characters who, at one time, were a blip on the DMs radar.

Above all, the overarching theme they all mentioned or eluded to was the joy of players getting genuinely invested in the game. Becoming their characters, connecting dots in the story, and feeling an emotional response to situations are a big part of why DMs do what they do. For them, it’s the most fun when their players are “investing themselves in experiencing the game itself” or are seeing their players “both in and out of character, experiencing the game with raw and real emotion.”

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Some of us at Gamepur know exactly what this feeling is like, and it is a special kind of experience when players and a DM click and all become invested in the world together. We recommend checking out the thread; maybe it will give you ideas that inspire you to try being a DM yourself.

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