Dunsparce finally evolves in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet leaks, and it has to be seen to be believed

Everyone’s favorite finally evolves, and the results speak for themselves.

Image via Pokémon Fandom

Dunsparce is one of the perpetual loser Pokémon in the franchise. It’s a normal-type Pokémon with low stats and looks overall unremarkable. Worse yet, Dunsparce can’t evolve, making it unusable in the games. Pokémon fans have latched onto the unspectacular Pokémon, becoming somewhat of an underdog within the fan community. Players have expressed hope that Dunsparce will finally evolve, and Scarlet and Violet have finally answered the request.

According to a new Scarlet and Violet leak, Dunsparce will evolve into a larger version of itself called Dudunsparce.

The Pokémon Company possibly became aware of Dunsparce’s meme status as the underdog Pokémon and proceeded to answer the calls for a Dunsparce evolution with a troll. Dudunsparce is virtually identical to Dunsparce in everything but size — so rather than be a relatively small useless snake Pokémon, Dudunsparce is now a giant useless snake Pokémon. Worse yet, Dudunsparce stays a normal type and doesn’t get better typing.

Dudunsparce is almost as indistinguishable as Dunsparce, which is an impressive feat. In many ways, Dudunsparce was the perfect evolution for Dudunsparce, and The Pokémon Company deserves praise for accomplishing the impossible — continue making Dunsparce uniquely unremarkable. It is not very pleasant for many Pokémon fans, but Dudunsparce is the only correct choice for Dunsparce — it’s nothing too terrible looking yet nothing cool.

There are also reports that Dudunsparce has an alternate form, offering fans a glimmer of hope that Dudunsparce can be something special.

Early copies of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are out, and as a result, all essential details are getting leaked on the internet. If you don’t want to get spoiled, mute the Pokémon, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Scarlet and Violet, and other such keywords on all social media platforms.