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Full Pokémon Scarlet and Violet leak roundup – All leaks so far

What popular rumors are appearing for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Leading up to the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet at the end of 2022, Pokémon fans are eager to speculate and try to guess what unique Pokémon could appear in the game. However, before the game officially releases, there will be multiple leaks and rumors about the Pokémon occurring in the game and those that could be making regional appearances, with most of these leaks and rumors turning out to be fake. Still, some might turn out to be true. These are all Pokémon Scarlet and Violet leaks and rumors appearing ahead of the game.

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All Pokémon Scarlet and Violet leaks and rumors

Fuecoco evolution

Many fans have been speculating that Fuecoco, the Fire-type of the three starting Pokémon you’ll choose at the beginning, will eventually evolve into a larger dragon similar to Cocollona, a mythical creature. This is speculated because Cocollona is a river monster from Gironian mythology. Fans are hoping Fuecoco will become a similar river monster or a dragon, but we have no evidence to provide otherwise.

However, the Fuecoco first evolution has supposed leaked, alongside the evolution for Smoliv. However, those have since been taken down. We still have the final evolution for Fuecoco.

Sprigatito evolution

Alongside Fuecoco having its evolution leaked, Sprigatito has had its two forms leaked, and the final evolution appears to be Meowscarada.

Quaxly evolution

The third starter Pokémon will be Quaxly, and its evolutions have leaked as well, but the full images for these Pokémon have not appeared. We do see what it does evolve into, Quaxwell and Quaquaval.

Regional Diglett

Another regional Pokémon appeared in a leak on PokeLeaks centers on Diglett. This time, it shows Diglett as a blue Pokémon, reaching up high into the sky. This is likely also a fake and has since been removed from PokeLeaks following its original posting.

This has proven to be false, but it does look like the form appearing in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is going to be Wiglett, an entirely different species of Pokémon, although it has a similarity to Diglett.

Time Travel

Time travel is a big topic for the upcoming game. At this time, Gamefreak has not shared any factual information surrounding this story point. However, several individuals have shared rumors that there could be a time travel event for your Pokémon, but not you, which would explain why the two legendary Pokémon look similar to each other, and professors featured in the game appear from different timelines.

No Eevee evolution

In the same tweet shared by Centro Leaks, it was indicated that Eevee would not receive another evolution. However, there is no evidence that this is the case, but several individuals are saying it will not happen based on rumored leaks. We won’t know until Gamefreak details additional information for Scarlet and Violet.

The same Twitter page has been sharing multiple Pokémon forms that could be in the game, but many of these images are blurry, and they also post a large amount of fan art featuring these blurred images. There are several Pokémon mentioned, such as an Amoonguss form, Primeape, Wooper, Murkrow, Delibird, Girafarig, and others. Similar to all of the leakers and rumors shared on this page, we take this information with a grain of salt and cannot confirm any of this is true.

Tauros forms

Supposedly, Tauros will return to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but it will also appear in three new forms. These forms will vary on the location you discover the Pokémon in this game. Still, it might expand on the traditionally Normal-type Kantoian Pokémon, which does not have an evolution. These forms appear to be a Fighting-type, a Fighting and Fire-type, and a Fighting and Water-type.

Primeape evolution

Primeape could be receiving a unique evolution, becoming a Fighting and Ghost-type Pokémon. The rumors of this evolution were also shared alongside the Tauros form, but no evidence was provided outside of a description of the evolution’s appearance.

Parakeet Pokemon

Supposedly, a Parakeet Pokémon has been shared ahead of the official release. Although several community members have said this is real, many debate its validity.

The entire Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex

Much of the Pokémon for Scarlet and Violet has been shared, giving players a good idea of every new Pokémon they could encounter in the Paldea region before the game officially releases.

All Paradox Pokémon and their types

The long-awaited Paradox Pokémon, ones with forms from the past or future, have likely been datamined from the game. Here they are all, what Pokémon they are, and what their typing will be.

  • Great Tusk (Donphan): Ground and Fighting
  • Iron Treads (Donphan): Ground and Steel
  • Brute Bonnet: Grass and Dark
  • Iron Bundle (Delibird): Ice and Water
  • Slither Wing (Volcarona): Bug and Fighting
  • Iron Hands (Hariyama): Fighting and Electric
  • Sandy Shocks: Electric and Ground
  • Iron Thorns (Tyranitar): Rock and Electric
  • Scream Tail (Jigglypuff): Fairy and Psychic
  • Iron Jugulis (Hydreigon): Dark and Flying
  • Flutter Mane (Misdreavus): Ghost and Fairy
  • Iron Moth (Volcarona): Fire and Poison
  • Roaring Moon (Salamence): Dragon and Dark
  • Iron Valiant (Gallade and Gardevoir): Fariy and Fighting

We will be updating this page with multiple leaks and rumors as they appear leading up to the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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