Dying Light celebrates fifth anniversary with free Bad Blood giveaway

Brutal Royale, on the house.

It’s hard to believe that five years have passed since Techland released Dying Light for consoles and PC. It seems like only yesterday fans drop-kicked zombies out of high-rise buildings and explored rummaged facilities for survival tools. But the development team is ready to celebrate its anniversary in style.

The company has announced that it’s giving away its Bad Blood “Brutal Royale” mode to all Dying Light owners to commemorate the anniversary. It’s available for all platforms across the board, including Xbox OnePlayStation 4, and PC.

Techland also confirmed that it has special celebration events set to go next month, though it didn’t detail what’s happening with them just yet.

Pawel Marchewka, CEO at Techland, expressed gratitude for the fans sticking with the game for so long. He noted that the “support, feedback, and faith you keep on giving us” have gone a long way into driving the success of Dying Light. He also noted that the fans have provided “an incredible source of inspiration and joy” with the game’s development since its release.

Marchewka also made note that, despite the recent delay, the team is “working hard on Dying Light 2”, so it’ll be bigger and better than ever. Even after it releases, however, “our support of the original Dying Light will continue.”

One thing Techland does have going on today is the launch of its affiliate program. All players need to do is bring in a friend to play along with them, and both parties will receive a free gold-tier weapon docket for their troubles. Check out more information on the Dying Light web page.

Congrats to Techland on the anniversary, and here’s to more zombie-bashing in the years ahead. For those of you feeling nostalgic, we’ve included the original Dying Light trailer below.