Elden Ring reportedly featuring dynamic weather, day/night cycle, Shadow of the Colossus inspiration

The landscape would be inspired by Scotland.

Official Website Claims Elden Ring Is Releasing in June

From Software insider Omni might have just revealed many interesting details about the upcoming and much-anticipated game, Elden Ring

The insider is well known in the community and has shared information on previous Souls games that have proved correct, so much that he is still allowed to post on highly moderated forums such as ResetEra. Omni’s most recent posts have been summed up on Reddit, and reveal gameplay details never heard of in the past.

Omni states that Elden Ring is being developed as an “open field,” more in the veins of Shadow of the Colossus rather than merely exploring the open-world trend. 

This is “to denote a greater openness than past games have provided while also staying away from popular and overused open world.”

The details about the setting include “landscape as a whole being inspired by Scotland,” a general inspiration to Fumito Ueda games and in particular SotC, and dynamic weather and day/night cycle “that aren’t going to change” until launch. 

The change will reportedly influence “design elements and direction.” It will allow players to ride a horse through the locations. “More corridor-like sections like past games” will be available alongside “open sections,” coherently with Hidetaka Miyazaki’s claims that the title would serve as “an evolution” to Dark Souls

The multiplayer is also mentioned as part of the package, even though it’s not clear how it would work at the time being.

At any rate, “certain gameplay systems are in flux” now and could still change in the future, which is seemingly hinting at a release date that could be more distant than we had come to expect.

The rumors have long been pointing at June but, with so many elements yet to be fully determined, it looks like it wouldn’t be easy to ship the game this early in the year.